Protein Shakes — Chocolate, Vanilla

• Contains 20 grams of easily digestible

vegan protein

• Contains no cholesterol, lactose or gluten

• Proprietary Inner-G Plex with nutrients that

deliver antioxidants and help replenish energy

• No trans fats

• 20 essential vitamins and minerals help

support general health.

• Helps you feel full longer

Energy Fizz Tabs — Pomegranate, Citrus

• Enhanced energy formula to power you through the day

• Take 2–3 fizz tabs when you start to feel tired

to temporarily:

•Help promote alertness and enhance

cognitive performance

•Help promote endurance and enhance

motor performance

•Help reduce fatigue

• Proprietary Get Up-and-Go Blend delivers a natural

boost of energy with guarana, green tea and ginseng

• Contains antioxidants

• Adaptogenic blend combined with B vitamins and

chromium helps boost energy

• Only 10 calories per serving

Daily Fiber Boost

• Source of fiber for regularity

• Helps you feel full longer

• Delivers 12 grams of fiber per serving, nearly half

the recommended daily value

• Helps support a calorie reduction plan

• Americans consume only about 10% of the fiber

they did 100 years ago

• On average, the U.S. population does not meet

the minimum standards for dietary fiber intake

• Add Fiber Booster to your favorite beverage or

food, including hot soups, sauces, cereals, baked

goods, and hot or cold beverages


Fit Chews — Chocolate, Caramel

• Helps control cravings

• Helps control appetite

• Helps increase energy

• Adaptogenic blend supports good health

Super Chews for Kids and Teens

• Calcium level (300 mg) is equal to an

8 oz. glass of milk

• 15 essential vitamins and minerals

• Great cherry flavor

• Only one tasty chew per day

• Supports growth and development

• Promotes a healthy immune system

• Supports healthy bones and teeth

• Supports healthy eyes

Herbal Detox Tea

• Hydrates to boost cleansing

• Hydration supports kidney and liver function

for detoxification

• Contains milk thistle, which supports

production of glutathione — the master

detoxifier of the body

• Helps support liver and kidney health

• Delicious, soothing herbal tea with peppermint, dandelion, sweet

fennel, licorice and more

• Can also use tea bags to make a refreshing iced tea


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