One of the most valuable pieces of equipment I use to train clients and in my own workouts is my Bodylastics Bands.

I've used a lot of different resistance bands over the years working as a trainer, but these ones really steal the show. They are remarkably durable with an unlimited number of uses.

I could go on and on about the product but you really have to try them out to understand their capability.

I am proud to promote and fully stand by Bodylastics products.

This is the Bodylastics Basic Tension System
I have sets available for all my clients, it includes the following:
-1 Dipped D.G.S. yellow band (3 lbs.)

-1 Dipped D.G.S. green band (5 lbs.)

-1 Dipped D.G.S. red band (8 lbs.)

-1 Dipped D.G.S. blue band (13 lbs.)

-2 Standard heavy duty foam covered handles

-2 Standard heavy duty ankle straps

-1 Heavy duty door anchors

-1 Digital Bodylastics PC/Mac PDF manual

-1 Storage/Gym bag

-All Bands Come With A Lifetime Warranty


For other packages, deals and information check out the Bodylastics website:



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