All new client training begins with an assessment workout. This gives us both the opportunity to get to know one another and lets me see what kind of shape/condition your in as far as strength, endurance, balance, determination and form goes. The workout isn't too difficult so no need to worry, but it is the first step to getting us to your goal. And the best part is it's FREE!



(1 on 1 Training)

The Average Session is 1 hour, here’s a basic outline:

  • Recieve Energy Arbonne Fizz Drink
  • Warm Up
  • Complete Workout From Program Designed to Reach Your Health/Fitness Goals
  • Abs/Core
  • Stretch/Foam Roll as Needed
  • Recieve Post Workout Arbonne Protein Shake

     $35 Per Session  -  Train At Our Training Center

     $55 Per Session   -  Travel To Your Location


     *College Students Call For Special Pricing



(Training with Friends or Family)

*Additional charge may occur depending on location

     2-3 People    -  $25 Per Person / Per Session                

     4+  People  -  $20 Per Person / Per Session


     *College Students Call For Special Pricing



(8am at Windrows Park in Rancho Cucamonga on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8pm in Corona)

Try 1st Class For Free - Call For Info

     $5 Per Person / Per Class     

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